Program for Novices and Juniors, Bangalore

Program for Novices and Juniors – Bangalore, 8-14 April, 2011

We send you greetings from Maitreya Centre for Eco Justice and Eco Spirituality, not far from Meenakshi Temple on Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore.

Maitreya has been established by the Sisters of The Holy Cross as a centre that offers courses and workshops on Eco-spirituality and Eco-justice to all age-groups who are concerned about the impacts of climate change on our environment and society.

Alberto, Yanira, Luis, and Nivardo

As a practical contribution to the environmental education we have great pleasure in offering a short demonstration / lecture for Novices and Juniors by four young students from Panama, Mexico, Belize and El Salvador (accompanied by three environmental science graduates from St Joseph’s College, Bangalore). Alberto, Yanira, Luis and Nivardo would very much like to share concerns about climate change, the energy crisis and how we might, as a community and as individuals, do more to save on our use of electricity. What they have to say is important, even vital for today’s Religious. The team communicates their message through a lively presentation with Power Points. It takes about one hour. Our four presenters have been with Fr. Robert Athickal SJ at the now internationally recognised Tarumitra Centre in Patna for the last three months. They have gained high distinction as fine young people who communicate well in English and inspire the younger generation. Alberto, Yanira, Luis and Nivardo have presented this program to around five thousand students at over thirty schools!

Alberto, Nivardo, Luis, and Yanira - Building a smokeless chulha

This specially trained team from Tarumitra is available in Bangalore between April 8 – 14, 2011. The whole team will stay at Maitreya and can be contacted here.  If this does seem to be what you as a Novice Mistress or Master have been looking for as a help for your Novices and Juniors, and you have time free in your program between these dates, please don’t hesitate to call and make a booking with our Secretary Ms. Leena Lobo at 080 2658 3034. Our team is happy to come to you (especially if two or more communities could come together), or to arrange for a program here at Maitreya. You can also send an email to:

Please don’t delay as we believe Alberto, Yanira, Luis and Nivardo and our three graduates will be in a hurry to get the work underway. We hope to hear from you soon.

About maitreyahc

Maitreya Eco-Spirituality and Eco-Justice Centre, is situated in Bangalore, South India. Thanks to the vision and work of the Sisters of The Holy Cross, Maitreya is an Eco-Centre made available, without discrimination, for people wishing join in action to protect mother Earth. It seeks to show by example, as well as offer courses that encourage and inform ordinary people about environmental issues.
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