Green Solutions For Rural & Urban Landscapes

Thrive Energy, a technology partner to Thrive, is an independent renewable energy solutions & technology provider based out of Hyderabad, India. Focusing primarily on the Solar Photovoltaic Applications, Thrive Energy has built a significant track record in implementing Solar Projects world-wide.

Thrive Energy evolved from the technology innovations of the NGO THRIVE. In the absence of a committed manufacturing partner for its innovative rural lighting efforts, THRIVE started its own solar technology division. In 2006 Thrive Energy was born.

"One child - One light" - amazing solar powered light for the poor: 4 hours charge gives 10 hours bright light!

Today Thrive Energy manufactures its own solar panels between the range of 1W-200W. It also manufactures 14 types of LED based lighting products for rural & urban applications. It works in solid state lighting (LED based) products and solar based power systems that help provide clean lighting, reduce carbon emissions and assure higher levels of productivity in rural and urban vocations. It has developed a range of innovative lighting products that help not only communities living in small rural/forest households with no electricity supply, but also large urban institutions that consume megawatts of electricity.


THRIVE Resource Center

Phone No: ++91 40 40181212  <> Phone No: ++ 91 9000104555



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