Faithful to its founding Vision and Mission, we at Maitreya seek to align ourselves with people and organisations that have similar visions and missions. Already we have solid connections with such eco-orgnaisations as Taru Mitra in Patna, Fire Flies Interfaith Ashram in Bangalore, the Centre for Education and Documentation in Bangalore, the Creation-Spirituality centred Art Ashram of Jyoti Sahi in Silvepuram, North Bangalore, and so on. It is with groups and organisations such as these that we derive inspiration and encouragement that we trust will be mutually enriching and fruitful.

The pages that follow will give our readers as idea of the, albeit small, ways in which we are taking positive forward steps to the realisation of our Vision and Goals.

Please feel free to send us any ideas and suggestions as to how we might improve our practical action in favour of eco-justice and eco-spirituality.

Program Co-ordinator: Sr. Pushpa Latha. Mob. 9482647138

Receptionist  : Ms. Leena Lobo.  Ph No. 26583034


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